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The way we work

Picking the right partner is an important step in a business’s journey to find its path to success.

Our Values

At Fountain City we build meaningful roots where people come first. Watered by trust, bearing the fruit of our commitment to excellence.


Understanding others needs is central to meeting their needs.


In each other, between the teams, in the process, in starting, finishing, failing and succeeding together.


Process driven perfection and adherence to quality.

Our Mission

Our reason to exist.

We Enable You

We provide you with the tools, processes and people to enable the creativity of your business to flourish.

We Empower You

Through enablement empowerment is catalyzed. Which allows you to do more and it is where emergence occurs.


Which leads to your success. And quite simply, your success is our success.

What We Do

We bring together a wide array of disciplines into an effective collaboration, with broad creative expertise across many fields.



Business Intelligence

Process + Automation




Art Direction





Quality Engineering



How We Work

Our disciplines are coordinated by process-driven project and account management with internal program direction to ensure all projects are running smooth and up to our and our clients standards and expectations.

Internally work is then grouped for each client based on their unique needs and business requirements.

Our Approach

How we engage with each client and project is never the same, but generally speaking we encourage ourselves and our clients to develop their thinking along the following major lines

  • Strategy-first
  • Lean product development
  • Holistic approach
  • Operational process focus (getting it done!)


  • Determine which part of your business is driving your strategy
  • Imagine the future you want to create, then work backwards
  • Apply scientific methodology to your business processes
  • Determine the best pathways to execution

Read more about the types of Strategy Solutions we offer.

Lean Methodology

  • Rapidly identify and test your/our assumptions
  • Focus on and maximize learning processes
  • Minimize lost time and costs
  • Work directly with customer / stakeholder engagement
  • Rapid test cycles – Agile
  • Business optimization

Holistic Approach

  • Tap into the innovative process where creativity, marketing and technology combine
  • Realize diverse, complex and more ambitious projects
  • Apply a cross-disciplinary approach to allow higher-level solutions to occur
  • Increase quality and innovation by using a “design by committee” approach

Emergence - The sum is greater than its parts

Operational Processes

  • Move quickly or methodically, as required
  • Reduce barriers and achieve your objectives
  • Benefit from a strong “get it done” cultural attitude in our organization
  • Formalized processes help ensure scalability and quality at all levels of our engagements

Technologies we work with

We work with the best platforms to allow you to provide your users unique clean simple experiences that they will love.

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