The Wiseman Group

    Rebuilt their technology stack. Custom Dashboards. 10,000 new leads, 7x growth in 3 years and their audience doubled in 2022.


    4X business growth in 3 years. From 5 to 204 keywords ranking in top 10 in 9 months and a 300% increase in online traffic.

    Mastermind Lounge

    Provided crucial strategic guidance and technology leadership for this growing remote learning video learning platform.


    Met rapid growth demands while implementing long-term improvements to the company’s processes and procedures, significantly reducing churn, rework and measurably lowered project costs.

    Hip Shake Fitness

    Created a customized subscription-based services website. Provided iterative improvement focused on customer retention, new customer conversions and overall subscriber count.

    Vital Leaf

    We helped this client level up their technical team by putting into place proper processes and procedures. We followed this up with a new wholesale system-service and marketing-sales consultation.

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