Integrated Strategy and Execution Service

    Navigating Demanding Choices

    A strategy without execution is a blueprint without a builder, a promise without fulfillment. Likewise, execution without strategy is like sailing without a compass – all movement, no direction. Such disjointed approaches can lead to wasted resources, missed opportunities, and business stagnation. The significant advantage of a solution that marries strategy with execution is access to a dedicated partner who crafts a roadmap and undertakes the journey alongside you and your business.

    Integrated Services

    If your digital enterprise specializes in professional services, subscriptions, e-commerce, or LMS, you’ve found the right harbor.

    Fountain City’s true potency is harnessed by coupling our strategic services with our guided implementation process. You receive regular strategic guidance, consultation, and navigational road mapping, plus a hand-selected task force to propel the success of campaigns we collaboratively identify. This union of strategy and action unlocks your business potential, navigating the currents of growth, one milestone at a time.

    Agile Growth Accelerator

    Our Agile Growth Accelerator is our most popular package. It is ideal for clients who are:

    1. Experiencing stagnant growth or plateauing sales and seeking fresh strategies.
    2. Struggling to adapt to market changes or evolving customer preferences.
    3. Seeking to improve existing product or service offerings, and require expert guidance and support to optimize performance and customer satisfaction.
    4. Venturing into new markets with unfamiliar challenges and opportunities.
    5. Updating marketing efforts to generate better results in a competitive environment.
    1. Addressing time constraints and inefficiencies, focusing on solutions to maximize productivity and reduce time-consuming tasks.
    2. Undergoing digital transformation initiatives to modernize and enhance business operations.
    3. Struggling to meet the demands of business growth with limited in-house resources or expertise, and in need of a skilled team to effectively execute growth strategies.
    4. Exploring mergers, acquisitions, or strategic partnerships for business expansion.
    5. Seeking strategic support to uncover fresh ideas and insights, to explore new opportunities and innovative approaches.

    Holistic Goal Analysis

    Empowering Success Through Strategic Task Breakdown and Execution

    We guide our clients through the process of breaking down their objectives into manageable tasks and oversee their completion.

    Once we’ve defined your business or personal goals, we further dissect them into several sub-areas to identify the necessary steps for achieving your desired outcome.

    The wheel diagram shown here divides these steps into four sectors: Customer, Product/Service, Process, and Team. In each sector, we examine the necessary changes, opportunities, and improvements required to bring your goal to fruition.

    Working in partnership with you, we dedicate our time and expertise to execute and fulfill one or more projects aimed at achieving specific objectives within these areas. As we complete milestones, we continuously review the results and monitor our progress towards realizing your ultimate goals.

    Our approach combines in-house expertise and external partnerships to effectively achieve our clients’ goals.

    What you get

    When you bring us aboard, you get:

    • Continuous strategic guidance to achieve business growth goals
    • Regular enhancements to your products and services
    • An adaptable team to complement your internal capabilities
    • A team who deeply cares about you, and is here to help you achieve your goals
    • A trusted friend in business who will grow with you and help you and your business think proactively with critical and creative thinking
    • A boost with exceptionally talented and comprehensive resources for all your strategy, tech leadership, development, UX, marketing and sales needs.


    Our baseline package starts at 40 hours a month. This gives us enough time to meet with you each month, do the necessary strategy – and get real work done towards meeting your goals!

    Strategy meetingsMonthly
    Roadmap planningMonthly
    Sprint updatesWeekly
    Sprint reviewsBi-weekly
    Project based workUp to 40 hours monthly

    This adaptable package is ideal for clients who desire ongoing strategic guidance to drive their business goals.

    When you hire us, here is what you can expect

    When you start a Agile Growth Accelerator package, here is what you can expect:

    1. Introductory discussion and evaluation: We hold one or more meetings to fully understand your goals. What do you aim to achieve? How will we define success?
    2. Tailored service proposal: After reviewing your requirements, we create a personalized package designed to meet your objectives and attain your goals.
    3. Integration: You are assigned a dedicated team, which may include a Business Consultant, Account Strategist, Business Analyst, and Project Manager.
    4. Strategizing: Following in-depth sessions with our team, we’ll establish a roadmap and identify one or more projects to focus on immediately.
    1. Execution: We dive into action, coding, designing, marketing, and make the magic happen to accomplish your objectives.
    2. Tracking: We regularly update you on our progress and provide weekly or bi-weekly status reports. We also continuously monitor the KPIs established early in the collaboration to ensure we’re on the right path.
    3. Monthly strategic evaluations: We assess the status of all our initiatives on a monthly basis, reviewing progress, next steps, and making necessary adjustments to our roadmaps based on results or any internal and external changes that have occurred since our last meeting.
    4. Performance Assessments: At least once every three months, we ensure we’re meeting expectations, identify possible improvements to our or your team, and examine any other areas of your business that could benefit from insights, enhancements, or positive transformations.

    What might my roadmap look like?

    We’ve completed our initial work with you to identify one or more goals that we want to achieve. These goals are then mapped out against constraints like time and money, and we then sequence out initiatives over several months into a road map.

    After collaboration with you, your roadmap might look something like this:

    Month 1Strategic Planning: Establish customer profiles, journeys, brand voice, target marketing channels, review competitors and finalize the requirements for the new website.
    Month 2Web development: Map, design and write content for new website
    Month 3Web development: Finish building out website, final testing and release.
    Month 4Marketing: Pivot resources into a marketing campaign to reach your target audience
    Month 5Sales: Review success of marketing campaign, review all lifecycle metrics of your customers and adapt to the results
    Month 6Customer feedback: Conduct user testing, integrate feedback into the website and marketing campaigns to improve the next cycle
    Month 7Strategic review: Review last 6 months, make sure we are on track with your growth plans.. Start phase 2 of website development by automating time consuming activities, improving dashboards, adding new products, services and starting the next growth stages plan.

    What if my goals can’t be achieved in the hours you have in my retainer?

    When we plan our roadmaps, we work together with you to ensure that the pace of the work matches your expectations. Sometimes the amount of work that needs to be done is clear it will be more than your current retainer provides for. In most cases we can see this right away and we will proactively let you know upfront if something needs to be adjusted to stay within the budget, or if the budget needs to be increased to hit your goals.

    In the end you always have full control over decisions around how your time and money is best spent.

    Learn more about our package

    We would love to answer all your questions and you can meet our team to decide if we really have what it takes to deliver.