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Customer Research & Discovery

Research is the act of developing or improving your software & product services begins with learning your, and your customer’s needs – and how to best serve them.

Research Process

Our research process follows a creative-scientific method to help us all make better and more useful products & services.

We utilized professional UX Researchers and Business Analysis to help discover and define the winning elements and required changes in your product/service. Their research begins with analysis and information gathering to help balance everyone’s needs, your goals and better understand your customer.

We collect as early as possible as much information as we can around the assumptions that we all have, and identify which of those assumptions are the ones that we will need to test and validate through ideation.

As the research develops, we build out real materials necessary to help craft the new/redesigned software or service.

Next we then bring to the stage usable prototypes, which we can then test on customers and gain vital feedback to know if we are on track and what changes we may still want to incorporate or re-prioritize.

Once all information is collected, we finalize a prioritized release plan with features planned, mapped out, and budgets firmed-up to move your project further along into actual design and development.

Information Architecture

The art and science of designing and organizing human-centric web/mobile and app software.

As part of this overall process, we develop various visual layouts and diagrams that will help our team, your company, and stakeholders better understand how the art of data will flow. We will utilize a combination of mindmaps, sitemaps, wireframes, and an array of design diagrams and flow charts to further illustrate our vision.

Along the way we ask important questions like how often the data will be accessed, how fast it will grow, and project future maintenance and growth? Then we analyze how it will relate to other informational elements surrounding your project.

The net result of this process is well defined materials that will help to dramatically cut costs and help ensure your first/next release is successful at delivering a product/service that actually helps meet the needs and wants of your customers.

More examples of work?

Take a dive through our various case studies in our Work section to see more examples of UX Research and Information Architecture in action.

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