We Are Your Strategic Business Partner

Our team collaborates with you in visualizing the bigger picture.

We support our customers in properly planning, defining, and prioritizing goals through a deep collaborative process. With the right strategy and planning in place, we greatly minimize risks and unknowns.

Strategic Definition

Let us review your business needs and collaborate together to determine the best suited strategic approach for your business.

What is your driving motivation?

Are you looking for Marketing Strategy to lead the way by driving more sales, growth and higher profits?

Or do you have a core user/customer issue that is motivating you to redesign of your software-app solution and you need Strategic Design to guide the process?

Or perhaps your current technological needs are insufficient and need augmentation or rearchitecting and you would benefit from clear Tech Strategy and leadership?

Marketing Strategy

We help clients with CMO-level guidance to help them identify and achieve their business objectives.

Clear business direction

We help customers who either don’t have a clear direction for their business or who need help identifying what strategies are the most effective for the objectives they are seeking to fulfill. Our process engages clients in a series of meetings and/or workshops to help collaborate together towards these goals. And if your business is not large enough for a dedicated CMO, we help fill this gap.

On our Marketing service page you can read more about Lifecycle marketing approach and our marketing execution capabilities.

  • Align business goals with marketing-sales activities and clear KPIs.
  • Define your USP, values, mission and core objectives
  • Eliminate wasteful time spent achieving objectives that will not help you to realize your goals.
  • Extend your team with our marketing-strategy capabilities.
  • Focus your time and budget smartly on the places that make the most impact.

Strategic Design

Strategic Design is the place where the customer, business objectives and your product/service combine.

We take a flexible approach to develop strategies, informed by decades of experience, powerful insights, user research and analytics.

Our scientific-iterative process stems from asking the right questions and is guided by effective processes that generate strong learning results that ultimately lead to your longterm success.

Identify your customer/user’s needs, research competitor products and learn what drives people to want to like and share your product/service more.

We wrote a blog post about Strategic Design and you can see more of our BA/UX research services in our Design page.

Ideas, technology and tools evolve. So should our process.

Sandie StarrUX Designer

Technical Leadership

Effective Technical Leadership realizes your vision

Fountain City™ helps consult, guide projects and staff companies with the right technical leadership to help move their business in the right long and short term direction.

Tech Leadership leads the quality for the whole team inline with technical growth by nurturing, enforcing and monitoring the people and the product. Without that view, the team risks making inconsistent or even incompatible choices.

Let us help by empowering you with effective technical architecture that ensures your overall application is in line with both present and future goals.

We audit, build, support, refactor, extend a variety of custom technical solutions. Read more on our Development page and check out our Technologies page for examples of some of the technologies we support.

The difficulty to any problem can be measured by it's approach.

Anwar Ali

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