We Are Your Strategic Business Partner

Our team collaborates with you in visualizing the bigger picture.

We support our customers in properly planning, defining, and prioritizing goals through a deep collaborative process. With the right strategy and planning in place, we greatly minimize risks and unknowns.

Phase I: Strategic Planning

Here we establish your Account Manager  and Project Manager for the entire project.

We analyze your business along with your project’s primary objectives to spark recommendations for prioritization, budgeting and timelines. With your business, marketing and functional requirements in place, together we select the appropriate scope, budget, and timelines you require.

Phase II: Analysis & Preproduction Planning

With high-level strategy in place, we design the project’s information architecture (IA). This consists of performing business analysis, writing specifications, creating sitemaps, crafting diagrams and sketching out wireframes for your project.

Project Management

Processes for success.

The Project Manager (PM) provides weekly reviews of your projects and provides guidance, status updates, quality review, and escalation planning. Your PM meets with our team regularly to discuss allocations, resource needs, productivity, and learning opportunities.

There are two kinds of perfectionists, those who can manage their time, and those who cannot.

Sebastian ChedalCEO

Information Architecture

Your data-organizing team.

The Information Architects (IAs) will analyze how data is organized and research ways to create new methods or systems to optimize human interaction. IAs learn and assess as much as they can about those using the project’s information for the best path of fluidity and future growth.


We question how often the data will be accessed, how fast it will grow, and project future maintenance and growth. Then we analyze how it will relate to other informational elements surrounding your project.

Layouts & Sitemaps

We develop various visual layouts and diagrams that will help our team, your company, and stakeholders better understand how the art of data will flow. We will utilize a combination of mindmaps, sitemaps, wireframes, and an array of design diagrams and flow charts to further illustrate our vision.

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