Websites and Mobile Applications

    Why Fountain City?

    Amid a sea of agencies, choosing a web development partner can seem like a daunting task. 

    But here’s why we stand out: We don’t simply focus on online businesses; we live and breathe them. 

    Our specialization in revenue-generating online businesses means that you benefit from our deep understanding and continual innovation in this rapidly evolving landscape.

    While many agencies may concentrate on design, marketing, coding or SEO in isolation, we believe in an integrated, holistic approach. We don’t simply build attractive websites; we craft digital powerhouses to fuel revenue growth. So why choose us? Because we’re  a dedicated partner that is passionate about your business and committed to its success. Choosing us means opting for a unified team that understands your unique needs and centers your business as much as you do.

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    Our Specialized Clientele

    We excel at designing sophisticated websites and developing top-tier web applications specifically for online businesses that prioritize revenue generation.

    Team up with us if you are:

    • An e-commerce store seeking to elevate its digital presence
    • A subscription-based service aiming for sustainable revenue growth
    • An LMS platform targeting to optimize user experience
    • A website nurturing prospects towards higher-value services

    With us, your online business won’t just exist; it will flourish.

    We don’t just “do” we “strategize”

    Sure, countless agencies can construct a website or app for you. But how many truly think about your needs before building?

    At Fountain City, we’re thinkers first, integrating our creative and strategic strengths from the start. Instead of executing your initial vision, we add value by carefully considering your objectives, refining your ideas, and aligning them with optimal digital strategies.

    When we build a website or app, we are thinking about all of these things with you:

    1. What is the strategic goal?
    2. What are your business (and personal) goals?
    3. What are our marketing-sales goals and how will the website/app enable these?
    4. What is the customer experience we are aiming to create?
    5. What are your technical goals and limitations?
    6. How will the system be maintained, and what are the longterm implications of decisions being made today?
    7. What are the security and support needs of your endeavor?

    We’re in it together

    We don’t just deliver a website and then shift our focus to the next client. We’re selective about the partnerships we form, fostering them to last for the long haul.

    Success for us isn’t just about creating a site or an app; it’s about what these tools can accomplish for your business. This commitment may occasionally necessitate making tough, yet honest, decisions to optimize your resources and time. Your triumphs are our triumphs – we’re invested in your success. 

    In this journey, we’re in it together.

    Our expertise

    Below you can read more about our specific expertise in:

    • Marketing and Sales
    • Art Direction, Design and Customer Experience
    • Technical Excellence

    Marketing-Sales Integration

    A successful online business must have a strong link between its technical and marketing-sales strategies. Fountain City delivers a holistic competitive edge. Capabilities include:

    • Marketing strategy
    • Brand voice and identity
    • Custom intelligent dashboards
    • Life-cycle monitoring
    • Marketing-system integration
    • CRM integration
    • Custom analytic solutions
    • Newsletter and email nurture systems
    • SEO-aware copywriting services
    • SEO monitoring and strategy
    • Ad campaign management
    • A/B testing
    • Landing pages
    • And of course: a fully SEO optimized website/app

    Best in class design and UI/UX

    We bring you excellence in art, design and creative direction.

    • Visual Branding
    • Style guides
    • UI/UX
    • Web / App design

    Tech Leadership

    Rather than restricting ourselves to a solitary technology stack, we champion flexibility, adapting our strategy to best align with your unique business requirements.

    We selectively engage top-tier developers, dedicated to meticulous implementation of industry best practices to guarantee a robust, speedy, SEO-friendly site, free of glitches.

    Should budgetary considerations be paramount, we tap into our established alliances in Southern and Central America. These strategic partnerships enable us to deliver cost-effective solutions without major time zone discrepancies, ensuring seamless communication and sustained project progress.

    If you are looking for what platforms and technology we like to work in, you can check our main services page for a current list.

    Our Approach

    We apply lean methodologies, scientific principles, and structured project management approaches to ensure your site is a well-built, effective, and value-driven long term asset for your online business.

    Agile and Iterative Learning

    We uphold the scientific method as our core operating principle, emphasizing iterative, agile enhancements. We value launching lean, learning swiftly, and adapting rapidly over only delivering large-scale projects that may not resonate with users.

    Our approach is reflected in our work ethic; we communicate regularly, ensure progress transparency, and strive to deliver your product swiftly to its intended users. This approach allows us to glean real-time insights on user preferences and desires, enabling us to align our efforts with your customers effectively and efficiently.

    Project Phases

    All of our projects undergo a six-phase process. However, for more compact engagements, the initial one to three stages are seamlessly integrated. These encompass:

    1. Discovery
    2. Definition
    3. Design
    4. Development
    5. Testing
    6. Release

    Each phase, as well as the overall project, is given a dedicated budget, meticulously managed for optimal time utilization, quality control, and scope coverage.

    By segmenting the project into defined steps, we significantly reduce risk, facilitate smooth incorporation of changes within the timeline, and ensure cost adherence to pre-established expectations.

    What to expect

    When you choose us to build your website, we adhere to a streamlined yet thorough process:

    1. Learning: We commence with thorough learning sessions. This step involves comprehensive discussions to understand your objectives, key success metrics, significant constraints, and potential risks.
    2. Proposal: Armed with this research, we draft a proposal or a Statement of Work (SOW) defining your goals, timelines, budgets, and other critical parameters.
    3. Discovery: We initiate a deep-dive to understand your project’s specifics. This meticulous fact-finding phase allows us to build a robust project plan and create foundational project documents.
    4. Definition: With a firm grasp of your project’s nuances, we sketch out the raw concepts. We study your customer needs, aligning the project’s direction with marketing, usability, and aesthetic considerations. This phase allows us to refine the project’s blueprint and set a clear, unified direction.
    1. Design: We transform rough sketches into final designs, sometimes prototyping and testing depending on the project’s scale.
    2. Development: We set to work with clear documentation and prioritized tasks. Regular status reviews ensure adjustments can be made swiftly as required.
    3. Testing: With a stable release candidate, we perform extensive testing across browsers and devices, refining and polishing until the site is flawless.
    4. Release: Launching the site is only the beginning. We complete documentation, conduct training activities, and monitor the site post-launch, paying special attention to feedback, analytics and SEO rankings to guarantee optimal performance.

    Let talk about building your project

    Reach out to find out if we are the right fit for your online business needs. We can’t wait to build you something great to help your business shine.