Heineken® Experience

Soccer and beer united with creative-technology.

Creative Direction | Development | UI/UX


Impress potential and existing customers with innovation in sports, soccer in particular. Allow mobility of the system for use by Heineken’s PR team during travel across Europe and beyond.


Fountain City™ collaborated with Bwirelezz / Openlot to form an innovative result, using native text interpretation to select and control a video jukebox system. The user sends messages to a particular number, then those texts display short video clips of key soccer moments in history on a large projector screen.

Our Process with Heineken

In the first phase, we divided work between various contributors and took responsibility for the natural language interpretation, GUI design, video jukebox controller, and video queuing system. We then moved on to:

  1. Detail the software architecture out in UML system designs
  2. Build the code using structured design patterns
  3. Meta tag hundreds of videos to attribute each video to particular offensive and defensive teams, key players, dates, and locations
  4. Utilize data from meta tags to break down text messages word by word, compare them to synonym tables, then match them to corresponding video clips or a choice of multiple possibilities
  5. Create code to display texts received on the projector screen in a queue, allowing users to view wait time before their clip played

This first phase was so well received that we moved forward with a second permanent implementation of the system, listed below.

From Process to Permanence

Our second phase with Heineken was to convert the system illustrated above into a permanent display at the Amsterdam Heineken Experiences Museum. This process included:

  1. Replacing the mobile device with a touch-screen interface, to be mounted on a kiosk stand frame
  2. Implementing a second computer to store and display video clips on a larger screen, using information from the touch-screen kiosk
  3. Applying a specific method for how video clips would be selected (without the use of text messages) through use of predictive typing and match-term autocompleting
  4. Changing the limitations to three key parameters (player, team, and year) using data collected by users in the first phase
  5. Disabling keys on the touchscreen keyboard for words that didn’t exist anymore as possible matches to optimize speed
  6. Updating viewing to allow users to immediately play their highlight moment they curated from history

The kiosk system runs continuously in the Heineken Experiences museum, providing an interactive and fun opportunity to connect with guests.

Notable Success

  • A turnaround time of 6-weeks for the first phase
  • Exciting mobile outreach to customers of Heineken, converted to a permanent and ongoing interactive tool for museum guests
  • A great combination of our creative and technological talents, showcasing the wide range of capabilities in which we excel