A place where users can learn best practices and socialize with other top influencers, JumpStart is the ideal platform for anyone wanting to start their YouTube career.

Creative Direction | UI/UX


Develop a unique logo on-point with the JumpStart brand.


A recognizable and attention-getting logo true to JumpStart values, with matching design applied to both their website and mobile application.

Logo Design

After working with the JumpStart team to fully understand target market, define brand values, and assess the competition, we began sketching to explore different visual concepts. When a logo version was agreed upon we moved forward with refining color scheme, fonts, and additional design aspects.

Web Design

The new logo and design was then extended to the web for brand consistency. Below are a few sample design pages.


A clickable prototype was made to encourage users to interact and provide feedback. This allowed us to refine the mobile application’s usability and interface design.

Mobile App Design

New mobile app designs were made for all screen types to then be coded and delivered.