Kite Tea

The art of tea.

Creative Direction | Packaging

Kite is an emerging tea brand founded by Daniel Ma, committed to bring back the art of tea by incorporating high quality raw materials from main land China with the ritual of tea making.


Develop the appropriate brand, packaging and art direction guidelines for Kite Tea.


After customer, competitor, business assessment and guidance, we crafted their brand after three elements in the Chinese culture: Black-Full yin, Red-Full yang, and Gold Center yin-yang balance.


Kite identity was designed to be relatable to a younger audience while keeping traditional Chinese symbology.

The simplicity and bold features of the mark make it very recognizable and ideal for use across virtually any platform, in any size. Its design provides a unique flexibility that maintains recognition.


Kite Tea comes in two different presentations: pouches and tin cans. Where each serving is individually wrapped as a teabag to preserve the freshness and quality of the product.

We chose to display Chinese tea fields, modified in color variation for the type of tea.