Quick and Dirty Tips

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Business Analysis | Creative Direction | Development | UI/UX


Take the original version of the quickanddirtytips.com website and create a redesign to make it responsive and aligned with modern styles, while improving visitor retention and better promoting their podcasts, books, and content authors.


A sleek and effective website redesign, full of valuable and easy-to-view information for new and returning visitors.

Our Process with Macmillan

The website for Macmillan’s Quick and Dirty Tips was unresponsive and becoming dated. Here is an image comparing their previous website against the redesign:

Art Direction

We started by exploring various mood boards with the client and explored pastel feminine illustrative styles, crisp-clean and neutral and bold modern looks before settling on a clean modern style.

Wireframing & Information Architecture

During this phase we sketched out layouts for the entire site. This included improvements to each specific page, as well as a review of navigation, categories, and secondary objectives. We also outlined the development of new site sections for podcast lists, author overview, book recommendations, and free downloadables for visitors.

Icons & Cover Art Clean-up

We sorted topics in order from personal to global, then created colors for each topic area to clarify sections visually to users. All podcasts were updated to align styles, clear up line stroke details, unify color usage, and streamline each of them to fit together as a unit as well as within the website as a whole.

Design and Coding Update

By understanding the desires of users, we created a website with a new modern design. We applied a visually cleaner design using more white space, and formed a clear focus on customer retention and cross promotion of the site’s secondary services.

Notable Successes

  • New pages generated additional value, credibility, book sales, and podcast subscriptions
  • Cleaner code to support faster load time and ongoing development
  • A cohesive and user-friendly website