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Business Analysis | Development | Strategy | UI/UX


Apply an improved backend architecture to the OPI website to help manage collections of different products across the globe.


A website with fluid mapping and location-specific properties, including a translation interface for simplified interaction throughout.

Our Process with OPI

OPI needed their website to allow for the release of new products at different times around the world, specific to each localized market.

We partnered with Exaltation of Larks to provide a number of services on this large project including: project management, information architecture, technical proof of concepts, system design, and backend / frontend development.

Multidimensional Architecture

The site was designed so that each product could be mapped to more than one collection, and each collection could be attached to multiple countries, each specified by location.

Translation Interface

In order to improve the translation process, we coded a custom side-by-side translation interface with the source product shown on the left in the original language and the new, destination language shown on the right. This allows the translator to see the original source plus the new words for the product at the same time, without needing to open two screens or reference another source.

Site Coding & Theming

After completing work on wireframes and various backend systems, we moved forward on technical feasibility studies and coded the new site’s theme engine.