Fitness coach scheduling app for everyone.

Business Analysis | Creative Direction | Strategy | UI/UX


Architect & design a fitness app that was engaging and easy to use, with art direction that was true to the brand.


An application easily manageable by many different types of users across multiple devices, and a logo design that clearly represents the company.

Our Process with Skedufit

Skedufit required a fitness app that would be easy to use and less chart-focused than existing competitor products on the market. They also needed to provide coaches with important information about their athletes, and facilitate engagement and communication through the app.

We began by breaking down the budget and applying it throughout several phases which included pre-production, strategy, art direction, technical planning, and design.

Art Direction

After initial questioning and discussion meetings, we produced various mood boards to help define the brand identity.

Logo Design

Once art direction was established, we then moved on to logo design. We used several iterations, beginning with paper sketches around the number 8 and an embedded ‘S’. Below is an example of four working concepts.

After logo selection was made we did placement tests on merchandise to ensure design satisfaction.

Reward System

We decided to push the idea of gamification by incorporating a built-in reward system. Through good regular use, users will obtain points, which in turn can be redeemed by deals offered by various sponsors (examples digital coupons and discounts). In order to manifest this though, a technical solution was required.

During our technical assessment, we looked deeply into existing cryptocurrency and token implementations (like Sweatcoin) for inspiration, and developed a similar version to allow a high degree of control and lower transaction complexity.

Application Design

Since the app required use by both athletes and coaches, a different user interface was required for each. To address this, we built two unique sets of wireframes and specifications for each type of user.

Coaches manage their athletes from a web browser app, and in turn athletes engage with their schedules using a native mobile app. The Coach interface was designed to allow training templates to be created, copied and applied to their athletes. Manage them into groups and track, review and collect feedback from their customers.

Meanwhile we helped develop the athlete app such that it could be intuitive, less data driven and focused on collecting simple metrics, be nonintrusive but still engaging for athletes so that coaches can collect and interact with their teams in effective and targeted manners.

Extensive functional and technical requirements were written with supporting flow diagrams and mind maps. These specifications detailed out every aspect of the application, the required datatypes and expected interactions. In support of this we also created various use case diagrams and key flow diagrams.

Below is a small sample of the process leading up to the prototype.