End Summer 2017

Uptime monitoring

We now offer uptime monitoring for any and all websites. For a very low cost you can get notified within 1 minute of your website going down. Contact us for setting up this functionality for your website!

Off-site backups

The majority of our servers, and also your custom server can now be set up with low-cost solutions for off-site backups. Off-site backups are a good idea for anyone with critical data who wants additional insurances to hedge against the unlikely events your server’s provider has a catastrophic event. Let us know if you want us to quote the cost for your site.

Automated Sales!

We want all our customers to be super successful.

To this end, in addition to a host of SEO / SEM offerings that continue to strengthen month-to-month, we now offer automated lead generation solutions to help bring you pre-qualified qualified leads to your business.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business grow its visitors and customer base.

Win-Win : Referral Commissions

  • Do you know someone who needs a new website?
  • Or who needs to increase their traffic, sales or revenues?
  • Would you like to make some money by helping out someone you know?

Let us – help you – help them

We offer commissions of 5% to 20% on referrals! Talk to us about how this works and what percentages you can expect. We pay you out in cash and/or time-credits.

Note: Commissions last for one year per referral, on services provided.

Auto Scaling Limits

We offer various hosting solutions, these fall into 4 categories:

  1. Shared hosting: Low cost for historic customers or small satellite projects
  2. Dynamic cloud: Auto-scaling, carbon neutral hosting
  3. Custodian services: You bring us in to help support your existing hosting solution. We support both managed and unmanaged systems
  4. Enterprise solutions: Custom built and managed systems on AWS, Rackspace, Linode etc.

Our most popular platform lately is our dynamic cloud. It offers great value for the price and is designed to scale with your business and accommodate peak loads.

We’ve been working at length behind the scenes to improve this system specifically with automated visual regression testing. But we now also have continuous integration as standard on all websites, and many more metrics to monitor usage of ram and CPU per account. Along with flexible server access, 24/7 host support, custom PHP versions per account, and Drupal8 optimized tool kits make this platform an excellent choice for many small to medium sized businesses.

However one of our puzzles the last year has been, how to manage auto scaling in an environment where theoretically an infinite number of CPUs and RAM could be added to the account while not allowing it to impact other websites also on the same cloud system? What if a system scales higher than a customer can afford to pay?

These questions, and the reality of running such an infinite system has proven cost prohibitive because we can’t reserve enough space to facilitate such unknown growth. It worked so far because we had only a few customers on it, but now with more clients the total usage is pushing up utilization without any one website accountable.

We’ve come up with the following solution:

New Scaling Limits

The base level of our accounts remains the same:

2 CPU and 1GB of ram

However we have decided to set an upward limit on how much your system could theoretically scale in a given month. This limit is set to:

4 CPU and 4GB of ram*

For any one account. This means that in the event your system needs to scale up, it can’t actually go above this limit without a request / your approval to increase it further. We picked this ceiling after considering a lot of statistics and set it above what our current average and peak utilization levels are.

Keep in mind that there is also an upside, as we add more customers to the server, we can increase this ceiling higher, the more customers are on it. In effect everyone’s collective participation on the same system lets everyone pool their resources together.

Get in contact with us today to find out more about our cloud based, auto scaling hosting solution. Mention this article and we will offer you one free month on our cloud hosting platform on your new account.

Note: We do offer customers the ability on our cloud-tier the ability to secure CPUs, mem in order to increase their ceilings. Or we can instead set you up on a dedicated or custom solution. Just let us know!

Scaling limits subject to change at any time, without notice. We adjust the maximum ceilings in accordance to metric data we review on all combined cloud accounts in order to find the best ratio of cost to performance and fit predicted peak and average loads.

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