Increasing Your Impact

    Driven by passion, your unique vision aims to forge something impactful and enduring into the world. We understand that your pursuit of growth – the quest to scale, secure a prosperous future, and craft a lasting legacy – isn’t without its hurdles.

    Navigating growth can sometimes feel like you are not getting anywhere, two steps forward followed by two steps back. The path to leveling up your business may seem elusive, leaving you wondering where to invest your efforts for maximum impact.

    Consequences of Stagnation

    Stagnation in your digital business can lead to declining market share, stifled innovation, and shrinking profits as agile competitors capture your customers’ attention. Over time, this can erode your reputation and threaten your venture’s survival. By embracing growth strategies, you not only secure your business’s future but also open doors for personal and professional development, all while restoring purpose to your entrepreneurial journey.

    Tailored Growth Strategy

    At Fountain City, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we dive deep into your digital business, understand its nuances and tailor a growth plan to fit your unique needs.

    We analyze your current situation, pinpoint opportunities for growth, and ensure that your vision stays at the heart of our collaboration.

    Choosing Fountain City means selecting a steadfast partner in your growth journey. We stand by you every step of the way, monitoring progress, celebrating milestones, and adjusting strategies as needed.

    With a shared passion for your vision, we work toward your success together, eager to embark on this transformative journey with you.

    Strategic planning

    All great plans start with a direction in mind. We uncover your goals and then apply a practical approach to achieving them, rooted in a thorough understanding of the key aspects of your business’s development.

    We focus our business analysis on four major areas: customers, processes, products/services, and team. By breaking down your objectives into these components, we can provide a comprehensive, customized strategy that aligns with your unique needs.

    Our skilled professionals will then help you steer and manage one or more projects that encompass various areas, including but not limited to: business transformation, technological solutions, market expansion, market penetration, and creative services tailored to achieve these objectives. All while considering important financial constraints and goals.

    This streamlined method allows us to effectively address each aspect of your business, driving measurable results and propelling you toward success.

    Life-cycle Marketing Approach

    We break down and review revenue data into different stages of your customer’s life-cycle so we can make smart effective recommendations:

    Make Smarter Decisions

    Coupled with your scaling aspirations, we apply a customer lifecycle methodology for a comprehensive approach. We gather data intelligence for our clients by pooling analytics from diverse sources like website traffic, email systems, and CRM platforms. This allows us to track your customer’s journey with your brand and pinpoint areas for enhancement.

    Such business intelligence, usually exclusive to big-budget companies, is now accessible to you. We democratize data analysis, opening doors to insights that fuel your online business growth.

    Data-driven decisions drive effective decision making. Why operate on assumptions when you can have real-time, accurate information guiding your strategic planning? Are you grappling with low site traffic? The issue may be one of nurturing prospective customers or a dip in customer satisfaction, requiring immediate attention.

    Our analytics help illuminate these hidden corners of your business, providing insights that empower you to avoid costly missteps, optimize operations and be proactive across your online environment. Knowledge is power, and with the right data at your fingertips, you’re equipped to make decisions that truly drive your online business forward.

    Our clients love working with us

    What you can Expect

    When you choose to partner with us for your business growth, we follow a clear, structured process that ensures a tailored approach to your unique needs:

    1. Initial discovery sessions: We meet you and your trusted inner circle to gain a deeper understanding of your concerns and objectives in one or more discovery calls.
    2. In-depth questioning: We ask keystone questions to better uncover focus areas and delve deeper into critical aspects of your business.
    3. Tailored support selection: We work with you to determine the ideal mix of Business Consulting, Business (Personal) Coaching, or a combination of the two, and discuss the benefits of each choice.
    4. Diagnostic clarity: We create a clear picture of what may have been holding back your growth and outline how to achieve your goals within your existing constraints.
    5. Pathway and implementation: As we uncover the optimal pathway forward, we move into implementation and leadership, executing on one or more mutually agreed upon initiatives crucial for your business growth.
    6. Dedicated support: Your account is assigned an Account Strategist and Project Manager who oversees the execution of one or more parallel initiatives.
    7. Ongoing progress monitoring: We provide monthly progress assessments, reviewing roadmap plans, agreed-upon key success metrics, and offering steadfast support every step of the way toward your long-term growth.

    “Our team has been very happy with all the suggestions and process improvements Fountain City, Inc. has made. As a result of this engagement, we’ve seen year-over-year growth.”

    Ian Richer, VP Digital Experiences

    Let us help you grow your business

    We are here to engage in a conversation about meeting your goals and dreams, even if it doesn’t lead to a partnership – your voice matters to us.