Unblocking Revenue Streams

    As an online business owner, you’re navigating a unique set of challenges. We recognize that declining revenues can make you feel like you’re treading water, unsure of how to regain momentum. You might be grappling with the frustration of watching your hard work not translate into expected growth or experiencing the stress of not knowing whether your next marketing push will yield results.

    You might be running an e-commerce platform where customer conversion rates aren’t meeting your projections, or perhaps an LMS or subscription service where churn rates are higher than anticipated. Maybe you’re seeing a widening gap between the nurturing of prospects and actual sales conversion in your professional services.

    We know these concerns are about more than the bottom line; they’re about your vision, your dream. We understand the hard work you put into building a platform that should be thriving. We see you, and we acknowledge the complexity and personal impact of these challenges.

    Observe & Listen

    Your unique sales concerns deserve meticulous attention. At Fountain City, we immerse ourselves in your business’s distinct landscape. We study and listen carefully as we work to identify root causes affecting your revenue before offering well-considered, tailored strategies and solutions.

    Concerns and issues we find include:

    1. Your business is lacking clear marketing direction / strategy.
    2. Your business is lacking sufficient data and methodologies to effectively make use of the data you are collecting.
    3. You need to better understand what it is customers actually want or need to tap into stronger demand
    4. You just need a lot of work done! Perhaps in areas you are not best at, and you need help making sure it gets done right.

    Marketing Strategy

    Addressing potential sales issues or stagnations requires a check in with your marketing strategy. Are the goals clear? Is the customer base identified and understood?

    A well-crafted marketing strategy offers numerous benefits to online businesses striving for growth and success. When you have a clear strategy, you can expect the following benefits:

    • Clear objectives
    • A targetable audience
    • Optimal resource allocation
    • Competitive advantage
    • Consistent clear branding
    • Adaptability
    • Measurable results

    Data Driven Decisions

    Your (lack of) data might be obscuring the true state of affairs. Robust and meaningful metrics can illuminate the entire life-cycle of your customer, allowing for informed, strategic decisions. We believe in empowering businesses to harness data effectively and structure decision-making methodologies that drive results.

    We start off by making sure you have adequate data for each stage of your customers’ life-cycle. We then review the different stages of your customer’s life-cycle together with you using custom dashboards we build for this purpose, so we can make smart effective recommendations:

    Intelligent dashboards

    We help our clients monitor the performance of their sales by setting up and reviewing metrics across the entire lifecycle of your customer journey.

    We do this by connecting all your data sources together, along with AI and data analysis techniques, to attain the most current and up to date metrics possible.

    After optimizing your data, we use our expertise to create a proactive strategy toward increasing your sales, while measuring the results month over month.

    This methodical, iterative approach primes your business for market share growth and financial success.

    Understanding Your Customer

    Grasping customer needs is crucial – it can make or break your success. You aspire to make a difference, to satisfy needs, and to bring unique value to the world.

    Often, the struggle isn’t marketing or sales-based, but a matter of achieving Product Market Fit. We work to ensure you’re truly connecting with your customers.

    We advocate for your clients, keeping them at the forefront. We identify the gaps between your offering and customer desires, and collaboratively strategize on bridging these divides. Your success is our goal, and we’re committed to getting you there.


    Custom Dashboards. 10,000 new leads, 7x growth in 3 years and their audience doubled in 2022.

    The Wiseman Group

    4X business growth in 3 years. From 5 to 204 keywords ranking in top 10 in 9 months and a 300% increase in online traffic.

    Hello Again Products

    Iteratively improved customer retention, new customer conversions and overall subscriber count.

    Hip Shake Fitness

    Skyline of Success

    We don’t just theory-craft; we work to deliver on what needs to be done to help grow your revenues.

    Many of our clients start with a one-off project and later integrate us into their continued operations strategy. Think of us as an extension of your team, tackling your strategic needs and enhancing your capacity. We’re here to help you meet and exceed your growth targets.

    Supercharge Your Sales

    Let’s talk about your sales and understand better what solutions you might need to help really grow your online business. if we can’t help, we’ll do our best to guide your path in the right direction.