We are Fountain City®

Whether starting a new business or revamping an established one, we will make your full scope of digital dreams a reality. With an extensive range of custom services and carefully curated team of experts, we take your online and offline presence to the next level.

Who we are

Founded by Sebastian Chedal in 1998, Fountain City™ was created as a way to combine the attentiveness of a boutique digital agency with the same spectrum of services available from a big firm. This allows us to provide you provide adaptive solutions while adhering to methodical processes. Our approach helps ensure there are no compromises in quality or attention.

…not your typical digital firm.

We don’t ride bikes into a warehouse-style office filled with sleek communal work stations. We don’t even wish we were that cool. Instead, we utilize an array of talented creatives that work remotely. Our focus is on quality work, and commitment to your long-term success.

…an agile agency with a focus on you.

We begin our process by establishing concept, then run the gamut of planning, marketing, branding, design, hosting, coding, release, security, and ongoing maintenance of both web and software applications. We are flexible by either targeting a single area, or providing all services depending on your goals and needs.

…a team of imaginative professionals.

As an agency, we are drawn to work that allows us to express our capabilities in many creative-technical domains. We’ve built cutting-edge multimedia projects alongside multi-million dollar IT strategies for multinational corporations. Our team of experts thrive in a wide range of job types and sizes. Let’s get started!

Where we are

Our core team lives and works predominantly in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Our board and project managers live and work from Portland OR, New York City NY, and Los Angeles CA.

How we work together

Everyone that works on the Fountain City™ team telecommutes, enjoying the freedom and flexibility of working from home.

Collaboration is key, so Discord is our communication tool of choice. Every day we log in and check the assigned tasks on a self-customized redmine ticket tracking system. Discord helps us manage deadlines and address urgent matters efficiently and accurately.

How we work with you

We assign you with both a Project Manager and Account Manager each matched according to your creative-technical needs. Your PM assesses project needs, and connects with you regarding status updates, risk management, budgets, timeline, and results. Meanwhile your AM will remain a point of contact on all matters, and represent you internally to check in on quality at all levels and ensure mutual success.

Both representatives provide thorough and transparent communication to make sure that all of your needs are being met. Learn more about how we manage projects in our Strategy section.

Who we work with

We work with new and burgeoning businesses and well established companies, all in a wide array of industries. Our varied background includes executing projects in sectors such as: health, real estate, banking, solar energy, sustainability, education, fitness, organic products, meal planning services, and more.

We fully support the diversity of different businesses and work cultures. From non-profits to women-owned and everything in between – we believe that it’s the partnership of humanity working and collaborating together that creates positive change.

Our Team

We are a unique group of down-to-earth, approachable, transparent, professional people. We embrace challenging situations that stimulate our creativity. We have an empathetic customer-first approach, and work hard to develop positive working relationships with our partners and everyone within our team. Collectively, we make up a whole new kind of digital agency.
And we are proud of the work that we do.

  • Sebastian Chedal
  • Anwar Ali
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Frank Guerrero
    Product Marketing | Marketing Production Manager
  • Joshua Jaffe
    Technical Project Manager
  • Omar Javaid
    Technical Project Manager
  • Stephanie Roy
    Senior Project Manager
  • David Scott
    Project Manager
  • Anthony Johnson
    Marketing | Project Manager
  • Ken Cook
    Marketing Strategist
  • David Baer
    Marketing Strategist
  • Sandie Starr
    UX Designer
  • Jorge Porta
    Art Director
  • Douglas Gimli
    Tech Lead
  • Thomas Lowry
    Tech Lead
  • Gray Ayer
    Full Stack Developer
  • Carlos Munoz Kampff
    Full Stack Developer
  • Beth Bogdewiecz
    Copy Writer | Editor
  • Stephanie Williams
    Sales Assistant
  • Imran Kahn
    Test Manager

Our Partners make us stronger

Over the past 20 years, we’ve developed strong relationships with teams and agencies across the USA and around the globe. This supports our ability to provide you with the best talent and skills to meet your needs, while maintaining the highest quality services.

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