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We provide a one-stop solution for everything you need. By partnering with your business we apply a tailored combination of services for unique and effective results.

Project Management

Supporting everything we do at our core is strong, process-driven project management and coordination.

Our Project Managers (PM) provide weekly reviews of your projects and provides guidance, status updates, quality review, and escalation planning. Your PM meets with our team regularly to discuss allocations, resource needs, productivity, and learning opportunities.

Our philosophy is that all projects are transparent and our clients are in control of the wheel. This means our reports always include risks along with mitigation options and key decisions are tracked and documented with pros/cons and any necessary impact analyses to help inform and guide our important decisions.

There are two kinds of perfectionists, those who can manage their time, and those who cannot.

Sebastian ChedalCEO
Phase I: Strategic Planning

Once our direction together is determined, we will establish who your Account Manager and Project Manager are for your project.

They plus members of our team will analyze your business along with your project’s primary objectives to spark recommendations for prioritization, budgeting and timelines. With your business, marketing and functional requirements in place, together we select the appropriate scope, budget, and timelines you require.

Phase II and beyond to fulfillment

With high-level strategy in place, we will then shift into execution and fulfillment. This often consists of performing business analysis, developing marketing plans, writing functional/technical specifications, creating sitemaps, crafting diagrams and sketching out wireframes for your project – as needed and required. We’re a huge fan of clear documentation!

Subsequent phases may involve design, production, testing and release. We craft both Agile as well as waterfall projects to meet your project’s needs and constraints.

Select one of our five service pillars below to learn more:

Whether goals are met using resources across all five of our pillars or just one to two, we help put together a plan that’s right for your business. We have the capacity to manage large, complex projects utilizing our full offerings, or small specific goals with tight budgets.

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