Transform Your Tech

    Expert Assessments

    If you’re seeking our auditing services, it’s likely you’re grappling with one or more of these challenges:

    • Uncertainty about your system’s age or quality and the need for expert analysis.
    • Considering a system replacement or rebuild, but unsure if the potential benefits justify the initial costs.
    • Security, maintainability, or best practice concerns that warrant a comprehensive assessment of your systems.
    • Desire for innovative ideas on automation, cost-saving, integrations, and efficiency improvements, either due to an internal resource shortage or the need for an external perspective.
    • Identifying user/customer technology preferences and requirements, enabling you to make more informed decisions on potential rebuilds or refinements that could better meet their needs.

    Areas We Cover

    We audit a diverse range of system and code types:

    Systems we audit

    • Ecommerce platform solutions
    • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
    • Landing page funnel systems
    • Subscription web applications
    • Cross platform applications (mobile-desktop)
    • Custom integrations
    • Performance optimization
    • Task automation systems

    Technology stacks we cover

    • JS Stack (React, React Native, Node.JS)
    • Django / Python
    • Ruby on Rails
    • PHP (custom)
    • WordPress (WooCommerce experts)
    • Drupal
    • Shopify
    • C#, Java

    What We Look Into

    With your guidance, we focus on one or more of the following:

    • Security Audit
    • Server Review
    • Code Standards & Quality
    • Software Architecture
    • Logs and Reporting
    • CMS Configuration Audit
    • Performance Testing
    • Accessibility Review
    • Compliances
    • Backups, Fallbacks & Redundancy Systems

    What you can expect

    When you select us as your trusted partner, you can expect:

    • An initial meeting where we seek to understand your goals, the scope of work, and expectations for the audit
    • A timeline for us to scope, perform, and complete the work
    • A list of documents, assumptions and assessment information we need to conduct the audit
    • Immediate notification if we find anything urgent along the way that requires immediate attention
    • With your permission: Quick fixes applied to low risk items that can be fixed in less time than it would take to report it
    • A final documented report that lists recommendations ranked by our perceived urgency and estimated effort
    • A final review meeting where we present our findings and discuss next steps

    Let’s talk about your tech concerns

    Find out if we are the right fit for your technology needs. We will review your goals, show you examples of our findings and establish the right solution to help you overcome the concerns, opportunities or challenges you are facing.