Business Growth Management

    Rapid expansion of your digital business can be thrilling yet daunting. It’s crucial to have robust systems for sustaining growth. At Fountain City, we simplify this complexity by focusing on scaling, optimization and development.

    Growth’s Double-Edged Sword

    Unchecked rapid growth online can trigger a cascade of issues: your site’s performance may plummet, services may suffer, and product delivery could lag behind demand. This turmoil can mar your brand reputation, sour customer relationships, and eventually dent revenues or even threaten the entire business’s survival.

    With us at your side, rapid growth isn’t just manageable, it’s a springboard for success.

    Business scaling

    Here are some of the solutions we can put in place quickly to help support your business’s growth:

    • Identify and prioritize an effective hiring strategy.
    • Focus on standardizing the processes and procedures required to help ensure that the quality of your services is retained.
    • Streamline processes and systems: It’s important to have efficient processes and systems in place to support your business as it grows.
    • Implement new software and automate key tasks to increase efficiency.
    • Provide you with direct access to leadership in a variety of domains, such as: Business Coaching, Marketing Strategy, Technology Leadership and highly qualified User Experience professionals.
    • Immediate staff augmentation solutions and temporary or long-term team building.
    • Organizing, prioritizing and planning support through direct business coaching and consulting to help you focus where it is the most important.

    With our contributions in these areas, we can help ensure that your online business is equipped to handle and sustain its growth.

    Staff augmentation

    Sometimes you just need help meeting immediate demand, or building a new team or department.

    We help clients overcome short term issues around staffing to help them transition through periods of rapid growth.

    We divide our focus appropriately between helping you meet your immediate staffing needs, documenting the processes and procedures to ensure the long term success of your new hires, and the eventual long term replacement of our team with your own in a successful and smooth manner.

    Where we’ve helped clients meet the pressures of growth:

    • Mid to senior programming resources
    • Tech team lead and CTO roles
    • (Technical) project management
    • Test management and QA services
    • UX design and research
    • CMO, Marketing Strategy and Management
    • Sales team building and augmentation
    • Copywriting

    Our resources are vetted and typically in the USA, Canada or Central/South America as appropriate, and per your guidance.

    We offer various options to ensure effective overlapping time structures and to help you mitigate price concerns.

    You guys (Fountain City) are my preferred partner when I look for someone to help scale up my client’s resources.

    Eric wheeler, LINUX GLOBAL

    Fountain City not only provided immediate and excellent staffing resources, but also consulted to help me strategize to build for the future.


    We’re ready to help

    Let’s get you the help you need to grow your business. Contact us today to find out if we have the capacity available to help you meet growth demands while ensuring proper process and quality standards scale and adapt to your growing needs.