Turn Challenges into Opportunities

    Fountain City provides the innovative technology and sales solutions growing brands need to drive online revenue.

    We specialize in helping online businesses increase revenues and improve their sales.

    We do this by combining expert strategic advice with cutting edge technology solutions.

    Whether you are stuck and need help to grow, or you are growing too fast to keep up with demand, we have the experience needed to help you get where you need to be.

    We’ve helped a multitude of clients solve their most pressing needs

    “Our website has vastly improved thanks to Fountain City’s work according to us and people in our community. We’ve definitely seen more traffic coming into our new website, especially when we launched campaigns to promote the tool.”

    Viki Rivkin, Legal Liaison

    “I’ve been impressed by the team’s strategic thinking skills and that they’re focused on achieving the end goal (not just doing marketing activities for the sake of doing them).”

    Jayson Svenson, CMO

    “Our team has been very happy with all the suggestions and process improvements Fountain City, Inc. has made. As a result of this engagement, we’ve seen year-over-year growth.”

    Ian Richer, VP Digital Experiences

    Online Businesses We Serve

    We specialize in providing comprehensive services to help grow businesses that generate [or want to generate] online revenue.

    This means your business likely falls into one of four categories:

    1. A subscription based application or service
    2. An e-commerce business
    3. A business that nurtures and sells professional services
    4. A revenue generating LMS

    Typical Problems We Help Solve

    Find your business challenge below to get started.

    Business-Strategy Challenges We Help You Tackle

    “I need help to determine the direction of the business.”

    Marketing & Sales Challenges We Help You Address

    Technology-Related Issues We Help Solve

    Don’t see your problem here?

    There’s a good chance we can help! And if we can’t, we will definitely let you know who can.


    You may be looking for what we can do for you. On our services, page we have quite an extensive list that surely will fulfill your needs.


    • Business Consulting
    • Growth Planning
    • Technical Leadership
    • Strategic Design
    • Marketing Strategy


    • Software Architecture
    • Mobile Applications
    • Web Applications
    • Artificial Inteligence
    • Machine Learning
    • CRM
    • Custom Integrations


    • Data analysis
    • Lifecycle Marketing
    • User Persona
    • Customer Journey
    • SEO
    • Copywriting
    • PPC
    • Ad campaigns

    UX & Creative

    • UX Research / Testing
    • UI Design
    • Art Direction
    • Web / App Design
    • Information Architecture