Case Study

    Hip Shake Fitness

    Created a customized subscription-based services website. Provided iterative improvement focused on customer retention, new customer conversions and overall subscriber count.

    The Dream

    Charlene came to us with the dream of building an online subscription based platform to allow busy women around the world the chance to dance like nobody’s watching.

    Charlene was looking for intelligent ways to increase her trial customer numbers, increase customer retention and develop app services to offer her clients.

    She Danced To Her Goals

    We built for Charlene a custom subscription based service on WooCommerce platform. In addition to creating the online business of her dreams we also:

    • Built from the ground up a custom application on top of the WooCommerce platform for their subscribers to use to watch and track videos
    • Built custom customer profile data trackers like video programs, custom calendars and calorie trackers
    • Implemented customer retention solutions
    • Customized sign up forms to increase email captures

    What I love the most about working with Fountain City is that they have a comprehensive knowledge of how websites should work. They made sure Hip Shake Fitness was mobile first, works well across platforms and works well with different technologies to build a complete user experience and drive sales. The fact that they are great at communicating is just icing on the cake. I have recommended them to multiple startups.

    Charlene Dipaola – Founder Hip Shake Fitness


    • Developed new online subscription service, kicking off her new business
    • Supported her internal SEO / SEM efforts through effective technical partnership
    • 25,000 signups! Steady business growth over the last 5 years
    • Customized trial period program to double the number of customer prospects
    • Increased email capture by over 30%
    • Improved customer retention by 33%

    Get The Results You Need

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