Case Study


    4X business growth in 3 years. From 5 to 204 keywords ranking in top 10 in 9 months and a 300% increase in online traffic.

    The Mission

    Carrie and Patty came to us in 2019 to help them create a successful online e-commerce business to support their committed. Their commitment to offering real solutions for women to improve both mental and physical health and feel like themselves again during menopause.

    The duo came to us to help Hello Again with business consulting, technical expertise and marketing-sales prowess to help them grow their business rapidly and focus on what they do best.

    Increasing their Impact

    Fountain City provides the business with a multitude of services over the years to help support and nurture the growth of their business. Benefits we have provided them include:

    • Valuable business consulting services around product development, market expansion, marketing campaign ideas and sales growth ideation
    • Roadmap planning to help prioritize and enable the growth of the digital business
    • Increased awareness of the website through highly effective SEO best practices
    • Thought leadership support around effective content production
    • Built multiple online tools including two different dispensary locator systems and a 3rd party fulfillment system through a 3rd party API
    • Stable technical website platform to help run the online business smoothly with minimal disruptions

    Their level of care and concern is outstanding; whenever we come up with ideas, they let us know if they’re going to work or if they might cause us trouble as we scale up, which is something I appreciate. Also, they are great at helping us with our budget to avoid spending too much on something that might be a problem in the future… I don’t think there’s anything they can improve on.

    Carrie Mapes – Co-Founder


    • 300% increase in SEO ranking in 1 year
    • Went from 5 keywords in top 10 Google rank to 204 in 9 months
    • Helped define target customer for supporting marketing efforts
    • Actively contributed to an exceptional 400% increase in business sales over a three-year period
    • Saved time and money by helping reduce unnecessary expenses and stop unprofitable marketing ventures
    • Improved overall customer experience on the website through iterative design and UX services

    Get The Results You Need

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