Case Study

    The Wiseman Group

    Rebuilt their technology stack. Custom Dashboards. 10,000 new leads, 7x growth in 3 years and their audience doubled in 2022.

    Supporting Their Impact

    Jayson came to us seeking a reliable and comprehensive tech partner to help support the rapid growth of their business

    The Wiseman Group reached out to us to help initially resolve problems around their rapid growth that was straining their technical systems, through smart and cost effective solutions.

    An Ever Evolving Partnership

    Once we helped tackle their system scaling problems we proceeded to expand our partnership with their Marketing Director to include:

    • Regular strategic planning sessions covering roadmaps, collaborative marketing, digital sales strategy and product development
    • Developed more clear target audience, lifecycle and funnel systems
    • Integrations with HubSpot CRM and custom Google analytics
    • Migrated their entire system to a separate dedicated server
    • Built custom quizzes as highly effective lead magnets
    • Website redesign and refreshes to stay current and competitive
    • Implemented intelligent life-cycle dashboards using Google AI BigQuery analysis to provide them with an ever improving lead list

    They’re able to help with anything I throw at them and focus on hitting our goals. This isn’t always the case since many agencies are willing to have time pass without doing any sanity checks for results and trajectory.

    Jayson Sevison – Marketing Director, the Wiseman Group


    • More than 10,000 leads collected through quizzes
    • 7x growth of online revenue in last 3 years
    • 2x growth of audience in last year
    • Resolved technical limitations limiting growth
    • Provided critical data through custom intelligent AI dashboards

    Get The Results You Need

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