The 20-Step Ecommerce Website Checklist for 2022

    By Sebastian Chedal

    There is no doubt that ecommerce is a booming industry. In fact, by the end of 2022, this market is on track to reach $4 trillion in sales. There is no better way to capture a piece of these profits than by investing in an online store with excellent optimization potential.  However, creating an ecommerce…

    WooCommerce Maintenance: 7 critical components

    WooCommerce is the 2nd most popular ecommerce platforms available (coming in close to SquareSpace), powering over 3.6 million sites worldwide. According to Statista, as of April 2021, WooCommerce is powers 23.43% of all eCommerce websites. While the WooCommerce plugin is a versatile and powerful platform, it does require regular maintenance to keep it secure and…

    Litespeed server technology

    By Carlos Kampff

    We are proud to announce that our hosting platform has been upgraded to Litespeed this year. Litespeed with LiteSpeed cache plugin couples very nicely with CloudFlare to give impressive results. We’ve seen the majority of our sites gaining around 2 seconds of load time pretty much immediately after enabling. That means many of our client sites are…

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