Case Study

    Vital Leaf

    We helped this client level up their technical team by putting into place proper processes and procedures. We followed this up with a new wholesale system-service and marketing-sales consultation.

    The Mission

    Vital Leaf is committed to providing its customers with the world’s best CBD chocolate product. They run both retail and online stores and have to manage inventory and fulfillment across both platforms.

    Based on a recommendation she received, Danae approached us initially to maintain her E-Commerce platform in 2019. Their website had been neglected and they needed a mature responsible technology partner.

    Foundational Support

    Over the years we supported the business by:

    • We started off by implemented formalized testing and quality control processes to help minimize unexpected outages and problems
    • Found and eliminated UI, UX issues and critical bugs across the entire website
    • Helped optimize the site for high performance and rapid page load speeds
    • We helped the business grow by putting into place an entire B2B wholesale management system, with distinct order management, prices and inventory management (DEAR Systems)
    • Implemented a store locator tool on their website
    • Rebuilt their website to match new brand guidelines
    • Through multiple marketing consulting services, we helped them see which areas of focus were important to focus their attention on, for sustained growth of their online business
    • We consulted them to help them improve their SEO through use of their blog
    • We provided guidance for the writing of their newsletter communication

    They are very committed to finding the best possible solutions for everyone, which represents a higher priority than telling us what we want to hear or providing us with easy solutions. They always have our best interests at heart and come to the table with suggestions based on their experience and understanding of our business.

    Moreover, their whole team values working relationships greatly, which is wonderful for us as clients. They’ve been extraordinarily easy to work with. Overall, working with them has been a very positive experience.

    Danae Redhawk – Operations Management, Vital Leaf

    Danae Redhawk


    • Helped eliminate prior quality issues with their platform and services
    • Resolved a multitude of bugs through thorough methodical testing procedures
    • Created their B2B wholesale platform with API connections to their fulfillment and inventory centers
    • Helped them improve Email open rates and conversions
    • Provided consulting to help their SEO traffic increase by 300% over the course of 8 months
    • Enhanced the overall website user experience through the analyzing of performance metrics and by upgrading key design elements

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